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I am a scent snob! When I first switched over to organic skincare, some of them smelled awful and I just couldn’t fathom putting these products on my face. But one of my many loves about the Hawaiian-based company LEAHLANI is that it creates skin concoctions that make you think you are beach bound on […]

We are always looking around us, ready to spot things aligned with what we are daydreaming about. So why not give your community inspiration with Bumper Stickers And Hoodie quotes? Do you know why bumper stickers are so popular? It’s not because they add value to your car (in fact, some might argue that they […]

Have you ever stared in the mirror and not recognized the person staring back at you? I know I have. Our body can tell us a lot about how we are faring in our life, and it can be one of the best metaphors for introspection, interpretation and possible change.  I will never forget the […]

Winter in Northern California can be a mix of rain, cold, sunshine and socked-in fog. Our winters have become unpredictable because of the changing climates. Some years we have had 28 out of 28 days of rainfall in February. Other years (especially the past few), we get none. But no matter whether it dumps or […]

The winter months can be somewhat dreary. The post-holiday letdown of Christmas can wreak havoc on young minds and hearts, as the much anticipated Christmas cheer is now over. Kids (and us parents) are more tired after the holidays. That pep-in-their-step seems amiss once the mystery of what’s wrapped under the Christmas tree has ended. […]

Just like nutrition, exercise recommendations, programs and slogans range greatly. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, it is recommended that we get 150 minutes of moderately intense exercise each week in order to maintain optimal health. But getting to that golden number does not need to look the same for everyone. In fact, […]

Every diet works but not every diet will work for you! Read on to find out what makes or breaks a diet and how to find out which diet will work for you! Virtual show of hands: who has seen the plethora before-and-after photos from those who lost 60 or more pounds by following the […]

Quick show of virtual hands: how many of you are already feeling the post-holiday blues? Those tighter waistbands caused by the overindulgence of Christmas cookies or the few extra cocktails at your company’s holiday party. The post-Christmas letdown, knowing that the Hallmark movies, the hot chocolate and marshmallows on a random Wednesday, and the endless […]

Of the hundreds of millions or even billions of people who will make lofty New Year’s resolutions this year, only approximately 12 percent will still be pursuing their goals come February 1. Why is that? Are we just a society of quitters? Do we lack perseverance and mental toughness? Or are we setting ourselves up […]

Facing your fears can lead to some wonderful and unexpected outcomes, and it is definitely a muscle I advise you to flex as often as you are prompted to. Doing something scary is not always fun. In fact, sometimes it’s downright terrifying. Who remembers the first day of starting a new school? Who can recall […]

We weren’t meant to mom alone, and that is why it’s important to get together between moms to recharge and just have fun! Being a mama means that we are usually giving to everyone, except ourselves. Let’s face it: we are needed all hours of the day, including while we are in the shower or […]

Life will sometimes throw some curveballs at us. That much is for sure. But what matters is how we bounce back up. What do you do when your life feels like it suddenly got turned upside down? How do you react to life when it feels like everything you thought got thrown in the washer […]


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