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Community book sharing libraries have been popping up all over the country the last few years. When we put a little free library on our street, we had no idea that the impact would be so great. It’s why I think every community should have a book sharing library.

Why You Should Create A Community Book Sharing Library

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Community Book Sharing Library

Backyard chickens are more valuable than the fresh eggs they provide. How you may ask? Well, the extra benefits are for the family raising them—especially for the kids. The benefits of raising kids with farm animals are not only vast; they are invaluable.

The Benefits of Raising Kids with Farm Animals

Mamahood + Homeschool

Gardening is not for the instant gratification at heart. You rarely see immediate results from your crop, and for a kid, that can be almost unbearable, as their attention spans are usually equated to their age (and I find that to be true as my 4-year-old’s attention is just about 4 minutes!). But the benefits […]

Why You Should Teach Your Kids How to Garden

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Teach Your Kids How to Garden

Winter in Northern California can be a mix of rain, cold, sunshine and socked-in fog. Our winters have become unpredictable because of the changing climates. Some years we have had 28 out of 28 days of rainfall in February. Other years (especially the past few), we get none. But no matter whether it dumps or […]

The Best Winter Activities for You and Your Kiddos: Inside and Out!

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The winter months can be somewhat dreary. The post-holiday letdown of Christmas can wreak havoc on young minds and hearts, as the much anticipated Christmas cheer is now over. Kids (and us parents) are more tired after the holidays. That pep-in-their-step seems amiss once the mystery of what’s wrapped under the Christmas tree has ended. […]

What Your Kids Need Most After the Holidays

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With all the food allergies and sensibilities of kids these days, signing up to be the snack parent for team sports is a mental load that most of us parents just don’t need…  Kids are busy these days. It seems like by the time our littles are out of diapers, we are filling their days […]

Why the Snack-Parent Protocol Needs to Go

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It’s no mystery that moms rarely get a break. So when we mommies get sick, it’s a real drag for the family. But is it really so bad for mama? Of course, no one likes getting sick. But I’m going to let you in on a little secret: being a little under the weather can […]

The Beauty and the Beast of Getting Sick as a Mom

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Don’t get me wrong, I love that my kids are able to express themselves creatively. But is that scribble of a cat that actually looks more like a tumbleweed, which took them about thirty seconds to make, really worth keeping? Maybe not…  If you live in a home with kids under the age of ten, […]

How to Lovingly Treasure (and Toss) Your Kids’ Endless Art Projects

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I don’t identify with moms who cry their eyes out every time they let their kids go at the school gates. Does that make me a terrible mother? Absolutely not! For the majority of families across America, our kiddos have been home. A lot. As in-person learning picks up again, parents may be feeling a […]

How Not to Feel Guilty For Not Missing Your Kids When They Are Away

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As a culture we have forgotten the importance of sitting down for a family meal. Here are a few tips to go back to this important tradition. We are a nation of fast lives, fast cars and fast food. Everything we do seems to be at warp speed. But one thing that should never be […]

The Importance of a Sit-Down Family Meal

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