Hello, friends!

I'm Jaime Mathews and I am here to help you make your life a little less crazy, a bit more peaceful, and a whole lot sweeter.

From quick nutrition tips and how to ditch the mama guilt to finding your best fitness program or fiercely catapulting yourself into big God dreams—prepare to be motivated, inspired and ready to take that next step of faith in your life!


Let's build a sweet life together.

Why every diet may not work for you

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The benefits of raising kids with farm animals


Five steps to feel blessed amidst the mess

Grounded in God


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Our entire family was sent into mission work at YWAM in January 2024! We invite you to financially partner with us in reaping God's harvest across the globe.

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But perhaps my most important title of all, from which all aspects of my life stem, is a follower of Jesus.

I am obsessed with healthy living, gratitude, gardening, mindfulness, and raising kind kiddos... and I write about it all. I pray my words spur you on to cultivate a home infused with the sweetness that comes from living a life devoted to Jesus.

Hello, friends! I'm Jaime Mathews and I am a woman of many hats: wife, mama of three, homeschooler, business owner, blogger, writer and aspiring homesteader.

HOMEmaker, HOMEsteader and HOMEschooler...