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Inspiring Others With Bumper Stickers And Hoodie Quotes!

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May 3, 2021

We are always looking around us, ready to spot things aligned with what we are daydreaming about. So why not give your community inspiration with Bumper Stickers And Hoodie quotes?

Do you know why bumper stickers are so popular? It’s not because they add value to your car (in fact, some might argue that they devalue it). It’s also not because bumper stickers are so unique or so one-of-a-kind that to adorn one on your vehicle signifies some sort of status symbol. It’s because people read them! And those who put bumper stickers on their car WANT you to read them.

Wearing Clothes Is A Way To Share Your Personality and To Inspire Others

This is the same with clothes. We all wear clothes for a reason. Some wear workout clothes because they are always working out or getting ready to work out or just worked out…or they want others to think they are. 

Some wear suits because they want to set a tone for others to perceive them (or they have a work dress code). I wear clothes with sayings because…I want people to read them! I want people to think about what my shirt says, question what my hoodie means, and be inspired by what the back of my sweater implies. That’s why I have well over 30 garments in my closet that have sayings on them. To me, they are #consciousclothing.

My Meaning Of Conscious Clothing

Now that term can mean several things: 1) conscious clothing can be how an item of clothing is made. This can mean ethically sourced, made with organic products, created in something other than sweatshops, etc., but 2) conscious clothing can also imply what impact your clothing might have on another. Does what you wear help increase someone’s consciousness, or how they think about something, relate to the world or experience life? If we can assist someone toward their greatest good by what we wear, isn’t that a cause worth fighting for…or wearing?

This brings me to the point of my current favorite hoodie! I don’t know how many of you have heard about the YouTube series, The Chosen, but it has taken the world by storm. It is a series about Jesus, experienced and told by the viewpoint of his Disciples. It is powerful, relatable, and if you want to binge something, this is it! 

My hoodie is from The Chosen gift factory and every time I wear it, I get questions. “What’s your sweatshirt all about?” “What does, “Get Used to Different” mean?” Me wearing this hoodie opens the door, if only for a moment, to tell others about what makes my life so sweet, so good, and so hopeful! It gives me permission to tell them my truth: that my life is what it is because of one thing: Jesus.

People are watching, looking and searching…now more than ever. So I don’t know about you, but I want to be a part of making someone else’s day–or life–as good as I can. And if that means I walk around with a cotton-clad bumper sticker across my chest, then I’m all in!


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