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I am a scent snob! When I first switched over to organic skincare, some of them smelled awful and I just couldn’t fathom putting these products on my face. But one of my many loves about the Hawaiian-based company LEAHLANI is that it creates skin concoctions that make you think you are beach bound on […]

We are always looking around us, ready to spot things aligned with what we are daydreaming about. So why not give your community inspiration with Bumper Stickers And Hoodie quotes? Do you know why bumper stickers are so popular? It’s not because they add value to your car (in fact, some might argue that they […]

Don’t get me wrong, I love my Thanksgiving turkey. But I like to think of Thanksgiving as a way to spend some sacred family time. So I will make the most out of this yearly opportunity for family love. Let me just get this out, first and foremost: I love Thanksgiving. No friends, like I […]

While on a walk with my son, a lightbulb moment came up to me. Why not make our little walks more intentional, more meaningful and more deliberate? I have never been the type of mama who loved to take my toddlers for a walk. Let’s face it, by the time they can walk, they want […]

The dangers of heart disease, obesity, and depression are only a few reasons why you should invest in nutrition. In 2019, there were nearly 65 million gym memberships in the United States, totaling nearly $35 billion in revenue. Why then, with so much of the population having access to gyms, are so many Americans unhealthy, […]

Billions of people consume coffee or other caffeinated beverages every day. And although research and coffee companies tout the health benefits of this scent-alluring drink, everyone should give up coffee (caffeine) at least for a little while.  There are a few benefits to continuing to drink coffee, but few are actually reaping the rewards. Organic […]

Community book-sharing libraries have been popping up all over the country the last few years. When we put a little free library on our street, we had no idea that the impact would be so great. It’s why I think every community should have a book-sharing library.  I discovered my first community book-sharing library in […]

“You are what you eat” is a phrase most are familiar with. With the increased understanding about the benefits of using organic health and beauty products, people are realizing that it’s time to join the clean beauty movement. Clean beauty, also known as organic skincare, natural beauty products, and raw beauty, is defined as products […]

I always knew I wanted to be a mom. And I also knew that whenever I was blessed with kiddos of my own, I would choose to raise my family a little differently. I will never forget the day my girlfriends and I were sitting at a ski lodge in Bear Valley, California. Most of […]

After spending the weekend unplugging from the world and plugging into my family, I am convinced that we all need to experience fresh mountain air at least once a year.  I spent a lot of my youth up in the mountains. From the time I can remember, my family spent a good portion of our […]

Cold plunging, also called cold water therapy or cold water immersion is gaining a lot of momentum in the health and fitness world. And after my first plunge into 40-degree water, I was hooked. The benefits that followed have been life-changing. Cold plunging is not a new idea. In fact, two-thousand years ago, the famous […]

When I went to Disneyland with my family, I was suddenly confronted with the fact that my twins are growing to be their own individuals, with different personalities, wants, and needs. Taking six kids to Disneyland is not for the faint of heart. Yes, six kids and two adults. I won’t even begin to tell […]


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