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“You are what you eat” is a phrase most are familiar with. With the increased understanding about the benefits of using organic health and beauty products, people are realizing that it’s time to join the clean beauty movement. Clean beauty, also known as organic skincare, natural beauty products, and raw beauty, is defined as products […]

Why You Should Join the Clean Beauty Movement

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After spending the weekend unplugging from the world and plugging into my family, I am convinced that we all need to experience fresh mountain air at least once a year.  I spent a lot of my youth up in the mountains. From the time I can remember, my family spent a good portion of our […]

Why I Love Experiencing Fresh Mountain Air at Least Once a Year

Healthy Living

Cold plunging, also called cold water therapy or cold water immersion is gaining a lot of momentum in the health and fitness world. And after my first plunge into 40-degree water, I was hooked. The benefits that followed have been life-changing. Cold plunging is not a new idea. In fact, two-thousand years ago, the famous […]

The Benefits of Cold Plunging

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I have had a love affair for a very long time. But don’t worry friends…it’s skincare! For nearly 20 years, I have been secretly (not so secretly) collecting an arsenal of organic health and beauty products and oh boy, you should see my bathroom cabinets! If there was an “Anonymous” meeting for skincare lovers, I […]

Why I Eat For My Skincare! (Skincare benefits)

Healthy Living

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